Sunday, July 1, 2012

Artist's Studio

I have yet another invitation for you. At least, for those of you living nearby. My brother is doing an art exhibition in Rishon LeZion this week, opening on Tuesday (3.7.12 at 20:30). You are all invited.

For the exhibition I came around to his studio to photograph the different paintings for the catalog. The artwork you can all come and see at the gallery, but I did grab a few shots of the studio as we were working.

The place used to be a diamond warehouse and it is fortified and yet falling apart at the same time. I love these old buildings.

A quick look into the artist's studio and the surrounding structure.

As I've said, the building is not in great shape. But these kind of old structures really are useful for artists that need large spaces for low rent... The industrial design also gives tall ceilings that are perfect for setting up a studio.

The light setup was nothing fancy, just an umbrella and some ambient.

I actually forgot my tripod (how professional of me) but managed to set the flash up on a painting stand.

I like to take a look around the workplace while I'm shooting. There are always interesting stuff going on besides the subject you originally came to shoot.

If you think photography is an expensive vocation you should see the tools and books and materials my brother needs for his work.

Also, my brother sidelines as Iron Man

Well he actually does a lot of metal statues and needs to do some welding on occasion.

As I mentioned, this place used to be a diamond warehouse so they still have a vault. Only now the vault room is toilet and kitchen for the artists on that floor. There's a whole bunch of studios there.

Oh, and it is also locked and barred like a prison, due to the aforementioned diamonds.

And here is a look outside the window at the south Tel Aviv neighborhood.

So, July 3rd (opening 20:30) up to July 20th the gallery will be open.

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