Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Shoot part IV: Double Trouble

Today we have twice the fun! a double decker sandwich of modeliscious images. It was pretty hard to narrow down around 150 images to just these 20, which is, in itself, quite a lot. But considering we have two models for you today, we can make it work (hopefully with less talking and more picture presenting). 

Models: The beautiful Sarit Elisha and Yarden Shoval
Make up for Sarit: Lemlem Mesfn. 
Make up for  Yarden: Sarit Elisha

Organizers: Oleg Luft, Chen Rachel Smadja, and Sshimrit Israel. 

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As photographers, we get bored easy and as soon as some models show up we start clicking away, well before the make up and hair have even started:

Here Sarit is getting MU done by Lemlem Mesfn (You may have come across her name here).

Yarden checking her accessories are well adjusted.

I thought the feather was a nice touch:

These images were taken from earlier in the photoshoot. I was pretty much running around trying to find the most interesting people to photograph. This is when I got a few minutes with Sarit.

I set up my orange gel flash and got some interesting results with the white balanced to blue.

As you can see this tree was a great prop (as it always is). I moved up to the side of the trail to get this shot. On the left: my tripod which served as lightweight flash stand (here without flash as I was running around too much).

Below are a couple of shots taken at extreme wide angle (17mm) from fairly close up. It seemed to me that if I stand beside all the other photographers and shoot the same angle and focal length I will end up with the exact same images as everyone else.

Here I was very polite about getting up in her face. The minimal focus distance on this lens at its widest is about 20~30cm. So it was quite close.

Some games with the background light:

As I mentioned in previous posts, I really wanted to try some shooting-against-the-sun back light. The lense flair is not photoshopped and I think it really adds to the image.

The second opportunity I had with Sarit was later in the day when she teamed up with Yarden next to the water's edge:

I ended up liking a surprisingly large amount of images that were taken without flash (or with the flash very weak compared to the sun). It was hard to see the back screen and I ended up overexposing a lot of the frames with the flash. In these images the key light is the sun in the background, which works surprisingly well. In many cases much better than the frames with the flash as key.

Some totally spontaneous unposed candid moments:

Maybe not...

Once more the trick with the wide angle lens. I was standing on the wall between the trail and the grass.

A bit of color craziness with the orange gel flash and some saturation adjustment in Lightroom:

A little more mellow but again the same white balance trick:

Thanks again for everyone who participated. It was a lot of fun. Thanks to Yarden and Sarit, and to Lemlem for Sarit's make up.

For more images (quite a few were edited but left out of this post) go here.

Part I Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

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