Thursday, June 6, 2013

NYC: Day One

It's been a while...

Flying to the US for a work (or study) related trip, naturally I took a few days in New York City to photograph the attractions, the streets, and the architecture. Naturally I got some new lenses while I was there.

Three weeks over there, and as it usually goes: I take pictures on a trip for X days and then edit them for 2.5 X days after that. I have finally come to my senses and decided to upload some photos even before I finished editing the whole enchilada.

Below: several images and a few words regarding my first, oh-so-busy day in NYC...

Take Subway to:
Brooklyn Bridge | Grand Central | Across the Water | Downtown Union Square | 

I was lucky to get such well timed flights. Leaving Israel at midnight and landing (after a good night's sleep) in Newark at sunrise. Ah the wonders of time zone differences...

On the cab from New Jersey. Visibility wasn't so good, but even so the Manhattan skyline is impressive.

First trip on the subway. Already taking out the camera and looking like a tourist.

The view right outside the subway at Brooklyn Bridge station.

Early morning on the bridge. Doing pretty good for day 1

The inevitable panorama.

B&W: so creative
one to one ratio: so creative

Some more bridge shots. Trying to be a little creative with it. Everything is just so big around here. I swore to come back with a wider lens...

HDR madness
Almost as good as couch-surfing: sleeping on the benches at the start of the bridge.

I thought it would be a good idea to walk from Brooklyn Bridge to 34th street. It took me all morning. On the map it looked closer...

So, after doing some street photography I got myself to Adorama to purchase a new ultra-wide-angle Tokina lens. There I got a live demonstration of flash techniques with Joe McNally who was there shooting a tutorial video for the store. Free bonus. 

Then the inevitable Starbucks to rest, hide from the rain that just started creeping in, and unpack my new lovelies. 

Ha ha! Eleven millimeters! Now I can shoot EVERYTHING at once!

Straight up with a 11mm lens. And some tall buildings. 

I had to keep reminding myself: it's not bad weather, it's  dramatic weather...

Some more street shots...

And finally, Times Square, at dusk, in light rain. Still, super crowded, and though I thought I can make something more original from that location, just keeping my camera out of the rain while shooting these tall buildings all around was hard enough.

make sure to click on the images to see them at larger resolution.

After all that I still had enough energy (barely, just barely) to go to a couch-surfing get together downtown. I took my camera but didn't have the energy for serious nightshots.

Still, here's one hand held two-shot panorama on the way back from Times Square:

So, a full day's worth of images, and there are a few more like it still going through editing. Hopefully, they will all be up withing the month...

Take Subway to:
Brooklyn Bridge | Grand Central | Across the Water | Downtown Union Square | 

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