Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Shoot part V: Winterlight

This week we are coming to the end of last month's photo shoot, with the lovely Alexandra Sohin. Not only is she quite stunning, but also knows her way in front of a camera. This makes things very easy when taking pictures, but it also makes it hard because you end up with tons of good images and some very hard decisions to make. 

Finally I have managed to select the best, and edit still quite a few images. Indeed I have been saving the best for last in this set of posts. Enjoy! 

Model: Alexandra 
Make up: Rotem Shalev 

Organizers: Oleg Luft, Chen Rachel Smadja, and Sshimrit Israel. 


As you can see below, Alexandra was indeed quite popular with the photographers...

There were a few shots with this umbrella that came out really nice. Below are just a couple.

The next shot is one of my favorites from this shoot. It is tuned to blue using white balance, as usual. But the bokeh on this one is just terrific IMHO... just to make it clear: those aren't photoshop snowflakes, they are seven sided bokehlicious out-of-focus-light-points. 

There were several good shots in this scene, with the sun's light coming through the trees. The flash helps overcome the haze, and the 105mm lens does the rest. Did I mention how much I love this lens...?

The shot below was taken from a slightly higher vantage point. Once more: if you stand at the same angle as everyone else you will probably get the exact same pictures...

A bit of behind the scenes coverage. The flash firing is mine, obviously. The reflectors helped a bit too, but they were not present for most of the shots in this post.

Although I used the flash on most of these, a good number of natural light photographs made the cut. This I have already seen in previous posts from this photoshoot. The light that day was perfect as it was, and the flash was totally unnecessary on some of these shots. 

Again, one of my absolute favorites. The sun in the trees in the background is just bokehlicious (and I don't care that its not a real word). Even though the flash didn't fire on this one (for some reason, maybe it was tired of full-powering the sun), it is still a great picture. It just means I still have a lot to learn about using flash. 

Thanks so much to Alexandra, to Rotem Shalev for the make up, and to all of the people in this group. I had so much fun, and the images make it all worth while. 

For several other images, see my facebook page.

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