Thursday, August 2, 2012


This one I am really excited about...

Not only did I work on this for two weeks but I really had people's support on this little project, and that makes it all worth while.

So first of all thanks to all my good friends at the aquarium for dressing up, shooting bubbles and holding stuff up while I took these. And for not telling me its a stupid idea (which crossed my mind several times).

I don't want to go into too many technical details, though I will say a few words on the color scheme for this shoot (after the jump).

It is a bit silly, I admit.

Silly, and Epic.


Ok so what is this whole aquarium nonsense about?

Aquarium in daylight and without water. Three pic panorama.

First year graduate study hall in the physics dept is this glass room with all sorts of equations on it (how many can you spot in this picture and the one bellow?)

We call it the 'aquarium' for obvious reasons. Since we are soon leaving it to make room for new grad students I thought we must have some kind of legacy before we leave. Also, I admit I took some inspiration from this underwater project.

Ok ok I said less talk and more pictures...

Matlabing with Nemo. 

The blue color in most of these is just white balance set to lowest (2600K). I did raise the saturation in Lightroom but I didn't need to touch the color adjustments at all. In this case the flash was gelled orange to get Aviram's face to be natural color in the blue surroundings.

Water proof Peskin & Shroeder

These all took pretty much the same tricks.

This shot from the outside of the aquarium is with the flash gelled blue. The white balance is on daylight to catch the yellow and green reflections in the grass from the light outside.

Make sure you open the full size image to get a bit of 'systematics of renormalization'.

This deeper blue was white balance and flash gelled blue together for no good reason, I just liked the blue.

Aquarium: the movie poster

Thanks again to everyone who pitched in, took their clothes off or hoisted stuff up. Avner, Ilia, Yochai, Avital, Gal Ayelet and especially Aviram. And everyone else in the aquarium for real moral support.

Again, make sure you see the full size image...

Link to the album on facebook (with some extra pics and behind the scenes stuff) is here.

Comments and suggestions, as always, are welcome.

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