Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Look Back: Prague

 Last October I went with my family to Prague. This was good for several reasons. First of all travelling with parents is very inexpensive.
Also, Prague has some awesome architecture and interesting photographs appear all the time.
Perhaps most importantly: there's a lot of good beer and it is cheap.
Parents being the ones paying notwithstanding.

Lets say it costs less than coca cola (or water) so it makes absolutely no sense not to drink beer at every occasion.

I personally like 'Staropramen' but 'Kozel' and 'Pilsner Urquell' are also great.

But I digress. Some photos after the break.

A typical Prague image:

My brother iPhoning it like a boss. It has long since been my hobby to photograph people photographing things. There are about 10% of the images from that trip of my family taking pictures.

Some night shots:

Apparently Prague is a popular place to get married:

A 9 image panorama of one of the avenues in the city:

Some of the people moved in the making, but changing the position of the stitches between images lets you get away with that most of the time.

There was also a trip to a medieval castle:

Below: A 13 image panorama. Works just like an ultra wide angle lens. Only you have to work about 40min on every photo...

Also went to see a museum which housed an ancient library:

A little bit of street photography for the mix:

And an alchemist lab:

What would we do without Japanese tourists with cool digital cameras? Remember this was a year ago when mirrorless cameras were still new and exciting.

Some other museum:

And this one was barely pulled off at 1/30 of a second handheld at 34mm using maximum aperture and ISO 800. The colors and contrast compensate for the slight noise and motion blur.

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