Friday, March 18, 2016

Street Fashion

Today we are joining Yuval on a fashion project that is a little different from any of the past fashion shoots I've done. In this case she played the role of model, stylist and director for the whole project. The idea was to do something that looked candid but also high fashion. The sort of shots a good paparazzi would get of a supermodel while she is shopping in Paris. 

To make things feel more European we needed a location that looked classy and didn't scream it was shot here in Tel Aviv. So I did what a photographer should always try to do, and went location scouting a week before the shoot. 

A good friend from Tel Aviv helped me find a string of cool locations, starting from some new buildings with a wooden deck floor around them, through some renewed buildings in the gentrified part of south Tel Aviv, and finishing on brick road streets on the edge of old Yaffo. 

Our model/stylist had several looks to go through and we managed to get quite a few shots for each of them until sunset. 

Model: Yuval Kaspit | MUA: Anet Nour 

We started out at the new block of buildings in south Tel Aviv, which is slowly but surely renovating itself. New buildings and renovation of old ones gives a unique area where new and old meet. 

The light at this stage was too harsh for any shots in direct sunlight, so we chose this as the first location that was shaded by the buildings. In this shot we had a big expanse of sky acting as a giant softbox from camera right. 

You gotta love those wooden floors. After an hour or so we changed clothes and started walking to the next location (all were fairly close by, which is always better than having to drive and find parking at the new spot). 

Along the way to the next location Yuval noticed this glass walled building, and we decided to take a few shots in front of it as bonus location. 

We then got into the alleys that run along the border between Tel Aviv and Yaffo. 

There's even a church there which is the most European thing you can have in your images, if that's what you are going for... 

This location was really nice because it had both the cobble floors we felt really connected with the style of the shoot, the white Bauhaus buildings of old Tel Aviv, and a view to the sunset off the balcony. I decided to go on to the last location and come back here for the sunset. In this shot the sun is still too high, but already it looks great.

We went down next to the Gesher theater in the edge of Yaffo where there were some more cobbles and a fountain. 

I ended up lying on the floor to get a set of shots of Yuval walking with as much of these bricks as I could. It doesn't quite pass as the streets of Paris... but it was the best we could do here. 

The fountain was also an attractive place to shoot, although I quickly ran out of ideas and interesting angles around it. We had already been shooting for few hours and we were getting tired. Time for sunset shots. 

So finally we returned to the balcony for the last set of the day. The sun was going down right behind her and I could just shoot hundreds of frames of this gorgeous light. 

At this point we forgot all about the candid looking frames and just took some fashion-style photos. We had plenty of material and the light was so good we just did what came natural: fashion angles and fashion poses... 

I loved doing this project because it challenged me to think. To go after a theme that both limits you and guides you to be creative. A good concept will help you come up with and decide on all the details of the shoot. Styling, locations, poses, even the makeup... all come together for a good theme in the end. 


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