Saturday, July 23, 2016

Geek Chic

I think this is one of the few shoots I've done that was scheduled for a specific time of year (summer break) and enough photos were ready for posting on schedule (when school started). I was so proud of myself for that. 

It was also one of the few shoots where I had a very specific idea and a fairly general feeling for the styling and hair and makeup, and it turned out to be exactly what I wanted (thanks entirely to the awesome crew we had assembled). 

The concept is "geek chic" and the two beautiful (highly non-geek) girls we had modelling for us got into the role with ease, and the make up and hair creatives really took over where I couldn't really help: all the wardrobe and props and how to set them up to look good and not over the top - was extremely important. Always good to have a team that are creative all around (not just in their specific area). 

Models: Aviv Cohen and Michelle Rabinkov | makeup: Anet Nour | hair: Neta Hafif Shmulenson

This shoot was aimed to come out when school started ("back to school special") and I had "geek chic" on my mind as the concept for the shoot. 

You may remember Michelle from some of our previous shoots as a rock star or the year before that in urban winter.

I wanted models that were extremely beautiful but also young enough so they wouldn't look over 20 after all the makeup and hair styling... 

The gorgeous Aviv I had met on a previous shoot when we did three model tests in the same day... 

I spent the weeks before the shoot looking out for props and cute pink things to add to the feel of the shoot. Eventually only a fraction got picked by the crew and most of the trinkets were too much, but the few that got in really helped. 

The girls brought their own wardrobe, which is something that I've recently found to be very useful (it makes it easier to get a production together since clothes providers are hard to find, and there's no issue of what fits the girls). 

We met at my usual favorite location at the Weizmann Institute where I do my day job. It was Saturday so mostly we had the place to ourselves. The makeup and hair was set up in my office, which was geeky enough to start shooting. Then we went out to the hall of the physics department. 

Yes that is the first law of thermodynamics in the background. Doesn't get geekier than that. We did a few shots of Michelle in while Aviv was still in makeup. 

Then when everyone was ready we got outside for a location I thought would complement the bright colors of the girls' outfits. 

We started by doing some shots of Aviv on her own. I loved those bright orange chairs, that gave a feeling of school on break. I walk by this cafeteria every day when I go to my office, and finally it clicked for me that this would be the place for this concept. 


This was the classic shot of the day. Both models, looking geeky but so cool at the same time, the few props carefully chosen on the table, the pink ended braids and big black glasses. I love how it comes together. 

 This was our main concept, but since it takes such effort to get everyone together, we had also done a couple of extras concepts that day. I will blog about them later maybe... for now here's a link to all the shots on my facebook page.

And let's not forget to always fool around - it's fun! And not every shot has to be so dramatic you know...


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