Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Living Statues 2011

Next week (2nd to 4th of July) there is a living statues festival in Rehovot, so I want to take a few minutes to invite you all to come see it. Also, there will be (hopefully) some pictures from this year's festival and I will share them here after the semester is over, at which point some of you will complain that I didn't tell you about this. Well, here I am telling you, and note that it is quite awesome.

Finally, I wanted to post something that had less text and more pictures and perhaps shorter in general (I know for a fact that non of you read the last one through).

So, living statues 2011, last year's festival review and this year's festival invitation:

Nights of the Living Statues:
2011 | 2012 | 2013

There were quite a few people in this festival (I believe this was the second year they had it). The first time was probably very good so it kind of got a reputation. This kind of turn up in Rehovot is pretty rare.

Now for the actual performers:

I shot most of these with my Nikkor 105 micro, which serves me as telephoto and portrait lens, for lack of better suited lenses. It does a great job actually, though it is a little bit too close most of the time. It does make me move around and/or take the picture closer cropped than I usually would, and most times I am happy that I did just that, because this leads to much more dramatic portraits.
(obviously, for telephoto work like wildlife photography I get the exact opposite problem, that is not being able to get close enough with it).


This Johnny Depp lookalike I actually shot with a 17-50 because I had switched to take some other pictures so I went up closer and shot at 50mm. Good enough for me. 

There was a whole dance routine going on with this pink girl hovering around on top of the pink guy (feet showing). 

Also a troupe of talking heads appeared, with sound effects and everything, to the children's amusement. 

All of these were shot with the wide end of the 17-50 and the last one taken with the flash off camera to show the puppeteer behind the talking head.

I actually met lizard-girl at a friend's house and didn't recognize her at first. Turns out I had a picture of her from two years ago as a different living statue in Tel Aviv. Maybe she will appear this year and I will have a whole collection... 

The full album (with a few more performers) is at 

This year's festival will be at 2nd to 4th of July at Rehovot (in the evening) official poster:

Nights of the Living Statues:
2011 | 2012 | 2013

Coming soon: living statues 2012

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  1. LOVE the Edward scissor-hands and the talking heads!