Tuesday, February 5, 2013


 A couple of weeks ago I told you I went on a road trip... well at the end of that trip were some steel monsters. Even though I don't personally care for them, tanks make for good images. I was smart enough to bring my new light-weight tripod and so I have several nightshots to show today.

After over a month of sharing people photos I am coming back to my usual comfort zone with inanimate objects...

Yes there are some people in the frame as well as tanks. I know. I tried to get them to leave but they wouldn't listen.

"Lovely day for a tank ride"

The inevitable coca cola can

Duhh... B&W makes it dramatic...

I knew there would be some time to do nightshots.

more trickery with white balance
The image below is more about the dark areas than the lit ones. Photography is all about light, and taking pictures of darkness seems silly. How much shadow can you put in an image and still call it a picture? I hope to explore this theme a bit more later on.

man against machine


  1. how did you set up the one with the WB trick?
    blue gel on the flash and than the inside gets pulled to the orange?

  2. That is how I would have done it... but I wasn't using a flash! The trickery in this case is (disappointingly) just an adjustment brush on the inside of the tank with a warmer WB. The inside lighting was a bit warmer to begin with so I warmed it up some more to create contrast.