Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Living Statues 2015

Like every year I find myself coming back to the Rehovot living statues festival. Being my hometown it is convenient to come visit and go have a look at this year's statues with my folks.

So this festival was in July, and just like the last few times, I came ready with a flash pole, and got the most drama out of these nightshots as I could.

I like to compare the new innovations to the statues from previous years, particularly when I can recognize some of the performers and see how they come up with new costumes each year. I can maybe even see my own work improving from year to year... but I leave that for you to decide.

Nights of the Living Statues

Lets start off with a few performers that are fairly self-explanatory... 

This one is natural light only. I hadn't had time to get my flash ready but I could rely on the D610's high ISO to let me get away with this.

I just liked her expression. Taken with the 105mm.

This DJ was so cool I took a few dozen shots of her before I got the backlight and her expression just right. I had enough material to play around with these sets.

This is Ilush. She gave a really pleasant performance and was kind enough to give me her contact card so I can now link to her profile for you to check out...

These guys were playing around in a giant sand box. Pretty cool and quite difficult to setup.

The diver (cabled up to a crane and swimming above the crowd).

These guys (or gals, I'm not even sure) were pretty cool in a werewolf creepy kind of way.

This, I think, is my favorite performance from this year's festival. She had really cool props from the day-of-the-dead, great make up and costume, and she really acted the part of "ghost-bride" while dancing with her undead escort.

Like each year I finally come across Odelia (link to her profile here) and each year I am happy to find she has come up with something new and surprising (after last year's shower girl and the year before that as a streetlight). This year, a grumpy tropical pineapple tree!

I already kinda know what to do when taking photos in this festival, but every now and then I want to challenge myself and take a shot that no one would have (there are plenty of photographers each year, that's for sure). So I put my camera on my monopod (instead of the flash) and used delay timer and a wide angle lens to grab some new perspectives on this really tall statue.

That's it for this festival. See you all next year!

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