Saturday, June 13, 2015

Studio Sessions - Adi

 After a few non-fashion posts I decided to jump back a bit to my first (and so far only) studio session. I had been collaborating again with Zoe from Swans Moda and this time we shot in her studio/basement. You may recall our beach shoot from the year before, or the urban winter shoot.

The model for this shoot is the beautiful, not-yet-even-eighteen Adi Hashamonai, who made things very easy for me as she both knew how to work the camera angles and looked amazing in anything we put on her. 

The studio setup was pretty simple. A white fabric with two constant lights in soft-boxes to burn it out, another constant soft-box as fill from the left, and my flash in a fourth soft-box as key. Then I alternated between the 105mm for closeups and the 50mm for full body and medium shots, as I didn't have enough room to back up to use only the long lens for everything. 

Here's a quick composite I did from several poses in the same dress. You can't go wrong with a short black dress...

On one hand, the studio is a little boring. There's no looking for interesting background or lighting, there's no changing weather or light beams coming in and out of the scene. On the other hand, you can lock down everything and focus on the important stuff, like posing, expressions, wardrobe etc. 

Fabric backdrops are a little tricky, as they easily get ruffled and it's a lot harder to burn them out in processing later. For some of the shots I left them in, to make it more realistic. I don't know if that's the best way to go. The floor and sides of the fabric that sometimes got in the frame I cropped out or filled in in post. 

Playing with the depth of field of the 50mm  1.4 lens up close and from a slightly elevated angle.

Capturing motion and mood with the hair toss. Make sure to face the flash when you do this! 

 A few more cool looks for the summer collection by Swans Moda. I really like the styling for all of these, and I think this kind of photography can really let you practice the basic things.

I also had some time to do closeups and then extreme closeups... which were of no real use as fashion shots but I don't care I love my macro lens and I love the details! 

 This was  a fun shoot all around, and hopefully we will have an opportunity to do stuff like this again this year too... 

For more images check out my facebook album...

Model: Adi Hashamonai
Styling: Zoe Zimaski for Swans Moda
Makeup: Alin Lipovski

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