Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Shoot, part I: Porcelain

Exciting new photos, by the hundreds! Last week I went on another photoshoot organized by a photography facebook group. This time the theme was 'winter', and the fashion was indeed fitting for the occasion.

I had come to this shoot with a few new techniques I wanted to try (a taste of which, after the jump). I also intended to take less photos and put more effort into getting a few good ones instead of the bulk I usually get. That didn't really work, particularly since other photographers were constantly mixing it up and I could only barely keep up...

Like last time I want to give some of the models from the photoshoot their own space, and so I will upload a collection for each individual model, with a theme or at least a partially consistent feel.

This week I have the pleasure of presenting Alina, which is both beautiful and talented as a model. Personally, I think they have made an amazing job with hair and makeup, but judge for yourselves.

Thanks to the organizers: Oleg Luft, Chen Rachel Smadja, and Sshimrit Israel. 

Model: Alina (Avigail) Lavin

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The photo shoot took place near Ramat Gan stadium. There is a little stream and some trees, and a few good spots for taking pictures. 

Here is a full body shot, just to give you an idea of the attention to details given in this shoot. It turns out you really do need a stylist for this stuff...

And here is a close up:

1/200 sec @ f/5.6 with ISO400 using the amazing 105mm Nikkor micro
This lens just gives the most pleasant details. Open it up to full size. It's scary sharp. And at f/5.6 you get a nice bokeh for the background. Most of these shots were under extremely easy light: cloudy but not dark. I shot almost all day at ISO400 to get the extra flexibility without needing to change stuff around all the time. Same thing for the aperture, unless I needed more flash power. And the shutter speed was all around the 1/125 to 1/200 even before I put the flash in. 

The work process. Pretty impressive hair and make up. 

This is one of the things I wanted to try on this special winter-themed shoot. The flash is gelled orange and set on a tripod fairly close (with the 105mm lens I often needed to back up, so leaving the flash close is extremely useful). The camera is set to 'tungsten' white balance and you get an instant blue background. Obviously this gets a slight kick in Lightroom but it is already fairly close to the final product. 

Guest model: Alexandra Sohin (MUA: Rotem Shalev) of which you will read more in subsequent posts... 

Trying some more dramatic editing. 

Thanks to Alina, and Dikla Cohen for the hair+makeup. And thanks to everyone who participated in this photoshoot. Next week: more models from this shoot. 

Part I | Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

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