Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Road Trip

It were a crazy couple of weeks. Lots of work to be done (I actually need to do some research at some point) as well as finishing up with the wintershoot took so much effort from me.

I happened to be travelling by buses a few weeks ago and just now I had the time to edit these images. Hopefully in a week or two I will be through with the backlog of images and be ready for new projects...

Our journey begins at the Tel Aviv central station. It was a rainy day and I was there quite early. Both things being somewhat uncomfortable but very good for photography.

It pays to have the camera in a shoulder bag and quick on the draw. I got this image and pocketed my camera again without getting too many nasty looks from other bus patrons.

I know taking pictures out the window of the car is usually not the best settings possible. If you are also driving, this can be really bad for the resulting images. And your health. Luckily, it was a bus ride.

I tried to get some images that seemed to be powerful enough to present even though the visibility is less than ideal and your options for framing are very limited. This is where timing becomes really important. As a self-challenge, this is a lot of fun.

And what happens when it starts pouring and there is zero visibility? I decided to go for atmosphere instead of subject matter...

The image below is my favorite from the set. I kinda wish I could get rid of the power lines, and I probably could if I sat on photoshop for an hour or so, but I also think they add some interest.

The weather cleared up a bit when we got further up north.

Again, not the most impressive of rainbows, but the raindrops do well to make this a mood shot.

Finally, arriving at ten in the morning to a junction above the Galilean Sea, to a partially cloudy morning was very satisfying. Make sure to open the image below in full screen.

Have a nice week everybody!

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