Friday, January 11, 2013

Winter Shoot part III: January Blues

I know what you're all thinking. What else have I got to say about this? Well, not much to say really, but lots of pics for you. 

This is Or, and once again I had enough material to give her her own stage. Since I got to work with her for a few minutes at different times during the photoshoot I got several different lighting conditions which help mix it up. Not so much the consistent look as far as editing goes, but a few of the now familiar 'winter blues' color themed photos are in the mix (at some point it became too hard to flash out the sun with my SB600 so I moved to natural colors). 

Model: Or Jacob
MUA: Lemlem Mesfn

Organizers: Oleg Luft, Chen Rachel Smadja, and Sshimrit Israel. 

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The image above was taken at 17mm to get that warped perspective. I couldn't really get as close as I wanted to because of the rest of the photographers, but the angle is till more interesting. Below is a more traditional angle. 

and a shot I got when we were just starting up, setting up the hair / makeup:

Some drama:

At some point the sun came out and we got to use that awesome winter sunlight as backlight. This is also something I wanted to play with on the shoot - getting the sun as seperation / hair light. Here with Or is Ilia Radu.

And the by-now-well-known blue tint I used for many of the shots that day.

And a similar one with natural light.

I liked the scene with the umbrella, particularly the details on it.

So I got a few shots with several facial expressions, and then I wanted to make the details in the umbrella stand out a bit more.

So this picture was pretty similar to the previous one. Maybe the lighting is a little bit better. So I decided to crop it closer so we could really enjoy the details. The BW editing brings out the contrast.

Thanks to Or Jacob and Ilia Radu, our models for today. Thanks to Lemlem Mesfn for the makeup and thanks again to the organizers Oleg, Sshimrit and Chen.

You can find more images from this session on my facebook page here.

One more, for the blues....

Part I Part II | Part III | Part IV | Part V

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