Saturday, December 13, 2014

Urban Winter

 Winter holds a lot of great photographic opportunities, but you have to know where to find them. Golden hour, for example, can last close to two hours in the right weather, and here in Israel, it is very often the right weather. 

We took a couple of models, some changes of clothes (we actually did 11 sets!) our make up artists from the last production, and made our way to central Tel Aviv. This time I wanted to do something entirely different and go urban, and still enjoy some of that warm (but not destructive) winter light. 

Models: Liora Finkelshtein and Mishel Rabinkov

 Our first set was still mainly in the shade, as we started shooting before the light was really soft enough (around two hours before sunset).

 We played around with some of the costumes and hair designs... then for the second round we moved out to the sunlight next to the "Bima" theater. The light was still fairly rough but I managed to balance the burnt out skies with slightly underexposed models (which I brought back in post).

 I always try to get a few close-ups that are less relevant for the "fashion" but are useful for the make up artist and the models for their port folio...

After that we really got into magic hour when the light turns golden, and only then did the clouds make an appearance. The light got instantly soft and diffused, and we could take perfect shots in natural light. The lower light intensity also allowed me to use my flash to bring out the models a bit. 

Besides our stylists and MUA we also had two more photographers that joined in for the shoot. Michal took stills (hopefully uploaded soon...) and Yael made a video of the shoot: 

For this shoot I wanted to get another location for the sunset and night shots. This I hope will be uploaded soon enough... 

Thanks to Liora and Mishel  and to the rest of the crew. This was a fun one! 

More images can be found on my facebook album, and very recently - on Instagram.

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