Saturday, December 20, 2014

Nothing lasts forever

Last month I wrote about the fashion production in mid Tel Aviv, and even that was a month after the fact. This month's blog (yes we are down to monthly updates now) is about another shoot we did a week after the last production.

So, two months after, here's our pin-up mash-up fifties styling meets 90's models for some fusion photography.

Because retro is now vintage and vintage is making a comeback!

Styling, makeup and hair (and concept): Lee Swissa

models: Tal and Shay Aisha.

 First off Shay with some fifties looks...

 All these shots were taken at a small clearing at the end of the street. The sun wasn't low enough to do any direct sunlight shots, but cutting through the trees it offered some nice back-light for the shots.

Obviously I used a flash for most of this work in the shade, using it (with an umbrella and stand) as key light while using the ambient as fill. 

This is Tal, again using a flash+umbrella and the now-getting-prettier ambient as background light.

The image below is a 36 image composite using the Brenizer method to get that wide angle and low depth of field combination.

Some more looks we did in this little spot of grass:

The image below is another composite, though it isn't so obvious that it is (I guess I could have gotten a similar result using a 35mm f/1.4). These rocks had the most gorgeous background light and you would never guess there were benches and houses and paved trails in the frame at any other angle around this one, with me standing on the rocks and shooting down with a 105mm.

A few more images, this time right next to our MUA's house. She supplied all the styling and the vintage car as well. The two images below are also composites. I just liked the way I could capture both the wide angle (getting the whole car in the frame) without compromising the quality and low depth of field I got from my longer lens.

I like the way the flash highlights the curves of the car. You can figure out the light setup yourselves (hint: it's a single flash with umbrella).

Next we moved indoors (it was getting dark outside) and another change of wardrobe and some props.

This time I added a second flash to get the background to a good level and used the same umbrella stand as key.

A couple of portraits, and we wrapped it up (after about four hours of shooting).

For more images see our facebook page.

Thanks to Lee Swissa for setting up this cool shoot from start to finish, and to Shay and Tal Aisha for modeling all those different looks. See you all next time!

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