Saturday, February 21, 2015

Rock and Roll Baby

Back from vacation and again trying to catch up on old photoshoots.

These images were taken back in February along with the mystery lady shoot.

We had three models and seven different looks and these two were particularly interesting.

The concept behind this production was masks, as it was just before Purim (the Jewish holiday for costumes) but we switched to a different styling after we felt the masks had done their part. The look we were going for was grungier, rock and roll club party girl look. More after the jump.

Model: Mishel Rabinkov | Styling: Jeni Ageev | Makeup: Iris Roizen Fainstein | Hair: Andrey Zukal | Dress: Natali Boychuck

You may remember Mishel from the last production we did in Tel Aviv. She's really a sweet innocent looking girl, but for this production Jeni (our stylist) gave her a real "grunge" look, and more than anything she reminds me of rock-and-roll groupies, but the kind that gets a backstage pass just by giving the bouncer the right look.

 There's not much to say. The light was the usual flash+umbrella and brought up close. I love the puffy hair and the makeup and the "heavy metal" tied around her neck. Especially since I know what an "innocent young girl" look she has without all the styling.

A few more poses and angles. 

If you're fast enough you can sometimes catch one of these candid smiles. It breaks character for this shoot, but I like it anyway... maybe she's a pop music groupie in this shot instead.

Finally one of my favorite shots of the whole production... This shot actually had another model but I liked Mishel in this image so much I had to crop her out and add some fancy flares on the left of the frame instead. This also makes the interesting shadow on her hair (I was lighting the two models with an umbrella camera right and a far away second flash on the left).

For more images here's a link to the facebook album.

Hopefully I will be back with updates sooner rather than later!

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