Monday, March 16, 2015

Bridal Bash

We have a lot of catching up to do... My last post was towards the end of March, and I had not scratched the surface of the images from the masks photoshoot, already done a wedding shoot and managed to spend some time overseas (and images pending). 

So in the next few weeks I will try to write (briefly) about all of these shoots, in no particular order.

Today I want to present a few images from a rather long and interesting shoot we did in March... As you can see, the theme of the shoot is bridal gowns. 

I had joined the production when everything was already set up, all I needed to do was choose a location somewhere around the beauty salon and go shoot.

We had four models (!), hair and makeup, and of course the beautiful white dresses that star in this production.

Bridal shoot team:
Organizer, hair styling: Liana Myagkov
MUA: Olga Tararaka
Dresses: Elinor Lerman
Models: Christina Omelko, Zarina Miller, Maya Toister, and Sapir Cohenzamir

We started with some indoor portraits while waiting for the rest of the team to finish make up and hair.

The back room featured a grayish textured wall and some large windows, but the room was too small for full body shots. Even the image on the right is a composite of 15 images using a 105mm lens.

Then I set Maya against the background of one of the windows (that wasn't directly lit) and took some closer portraits. It was a fairly dirty window in an unused back room, but I felt like the texture on the glass could make it more dramatic... 

Some brightness and color adjustments brought out the drama as expected. 

Moving on we went to shoot some outdoor scenes next to a fountain and then near an old house with some interesting old-style doors and windows. 

Then someone inside the house shouted to us, at which point I was sure we were going to get shooed away and have to find another location. Turns out we were invited inside, and took some cool looking indoor shots inside the old house...

Using a wide angle (17mm) to get the sense of space

At this point Sapir finished makeup and hair and joined us for the indoor shoot. 

We had a lot of fun with the red staircase contrasted with the white dresses...

Christina and Zarina with the staircase acting as height equalizer...

Some interesting angles with the backlight as well:

Some portrait work...

And here's one shot from behind the scenes for the day, taken in from of the old house.

I want to thank Liana for organizing everything, Elinor for trusting us to not trash the dresses, and of course to the four models that kept going even when the shoot was getting late (and kept going after we wrapped up the bridal shoot and went on to a bonus fashion shoot which I will talk about in a future post...)

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