Thursday, April 16, 2015

Front row to Barca

The last time I really got to use my old D90 as main camera was on our trip to Barcelona. My amazing wife took me for my birthday to see a Barca football game live, and even though I had just bought a new camera, I wanted the trip to be about enjoying the trip, not about exploring the possibilities of a new toy, so I left it at home.

We were there for a few days, but the real highlight was, of course, the game. So I tried my best to enjoy it, and not spend the whole hour and a half just taking photos. We did sit right on the first row, so I couldn't resist taking some shots. 

I was shooting most of it with the Nikon 55-300 lens, which is not ideal, but it can get you real close... in fact, I had to zoom out quite a few times when the players were close to the fence. 

These can't compare with what professionals get on the sidelines of these games, not just because of their far better equipment, but also because they know the right moment to capture all the action. For a first attempt, I think I may have gotten a few shots that are not bad. Here's a few... 

Here's one fairly far into the field. Tried to capture some of the action.

go for the action shot!

This one was already really close to the fence, as you can see. I know the "professional" shot should be clear of fences and such, but I like that in this shot you can feel like you're up close to the field, and you can understand not just what the players are doing, but also exactly where I was sitting.

I like this one for the same reasons. Also, you can really see the sweat on his face. And obviously his expression is priceless...

"hijo de p---!!!"

Need to be reminded that I am still only an amateur!

Yes, I have lens envy

Messi shoots a curve-ball above their heads. He didn't make the goal this time. But he did score at the end of the match. It felt like watching legends come alive...

what can I say? he's a legend

Halftime, need to also remember to grab a shot of the crowd. I tried to remind myself that the action on the field is only part of the experience.

so many people!

The whole trip was really so much fun, and this game in particular was such an awesome experience. I don't know if I will begin my career here as a sports-photographer, but to go to this game and to photograph at least the parts I managed to capture, was loads of fun. 

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