Saturday, September 1, 2012

Blue Moon

 Today's post is nothing special. It just occurred to me that I have been writing so much about photography that I didn't take the time to go out and take pictures.

That's really missing the big picture if you will.

So this Friday instead of writing another long and boring article about exposure I went with my tripod and a couple of lenses to make some nightshots around my house.

I didn't take any of the pictures I thought I would, but I did get a handful of interesting images I didn't expect.

Only when I came back I realized it was a blue moon, and I had actually photographed it. What is so special about a blue moon? well, see below...

I went out at around 18:30 to scout some areas I thought would be interesting, and got this right around sunset:

Rehovot mall. 1/1600sec @ f/8. massively underexposed, obviously...

Also around sunset time I saw these tables at the park

The sunlight was coming from the transparent side of the roof, and bouncing off the tables on the right. I added a CTO'd flash on the left and took the white balance towards the sunset.

 This two-shot-panorama was made on tripod soon after the light went out. Then, after taking a couple more images around this area:

I then switched lenses to my 105mm. I thought I could get some portraits from far away enough, but there was very little light by now, and the people I shot kept moving around. I ended up with a few more shots on the telephoto lens before heading home:

This from the same angle as the panorama before, with a different lens and cropped down about a half. This kind of cropping makes me glad I have 12MP to throw around.

People on the street didn't quite get why I was pointing a rather large camera+lens+tripod setup at a closed shawarma place. I just liked the red lights going on inside.

And finally the blue moon which I promised. I almost didn't notice it was up but then decided I already had the tripod and long lens on, why not take a couple of shots?

If you are too lazy to look up blue moon on Google, here it is.

Comments, caveats and cookies are welcome as always.

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