Thursday, September 6, 2012


Not so much a "behind the scenes" as it is a collection of "out takes" from the AQUARIUM shoot.

I try and go over all the pictures I have in a memory card before formatting it. This often makes for a hilarious stop motion video (the party at Aviram's house for example, was pretty amusing).

After the jump: the video of all the many-many shots we took to combine into the final products (not including the ones deleted in-camera...) and a couple of shots off my phone which I took while we were making the outside-looking-in picture with Aviram swimming on the top panel of the glass.

It's all rather self explanatory I think....

Here is the video.  The original blog post with the processed images (which I show briefly in the video) is here.

AQUARIUM movie from Jonathan Larking on Vimeo.

And a couple of images off my cell phone...

It was easier for me to fit him into the final image with him actually being in place when I took the picture. I mean, I could have photoshopped him in there but it was less work (for me) to have these guys hoist him up there for a few seconds while I ran outside, took pictures and laughed my ass off.

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