Saturday, September 22, 2012

Film Star

This is Eden.

She is not yet a Hollywood film star but it seems very likely she will be.

I met Eden on a photo shoot arranged by some photographers / models / makeup artists through a local facebook group. Everything was voluntary, made for credits, and yet managed to look fairly professional. The whole thing took three hours last Friday afternoon, in a park in Ramat Gan.

I decided to go for themes in my editing of the images and their upload. This first upload features just one of the models from the photoshoot, in what I hope is a consistent look...

Don't worry, pictures of other models from the shoot will be arriving soon...

Model: Eden Bartov

Makeup: Kochi Yehezkeli

Being that this was my first time working with models (I usually find myself taking pictures of food or mountains) I found it pretty awkward having to pose the people in front of the camera. People just standing around make for pretty good passport pictures but little more.

an example of a non-Passport-Photo photo. 

This is where a photographer and model need to know what they are doing. In my case it definitely needed to be the model. Beyond all the makeup and background and good light that you need in an image, having a model that can give you the look you want in an instant makes all the difference.

To talk a bit of technical stuff: The first images are from the park's monuments, some big white marble statues in geometric shapes on top of a hill. The images were taken in shade with a sunlit background so burning the background was easier than trying to get my flash to compete.

Wind is a fickle friend

Also, I found that my little hot-shoe flash (SB600) had a real trouble competing with the sun. I had to tote it around on the lightstand (an actual light stand not a `voice activated' one unfortunately) and set it as close as possible to get enough light. Then I could walk back and use longer focal lengths.

The second outdoor setting was near a lake in the park. The sun was already lower so the flash had less trouble. I was using my 105mm so I had to walk quite a bit back for a full body shot.

The inside shots below are from inside one of the monuments. An olive tree and a small round chamber, opened from two ends, gave some wind and sunset light, along with a lot of cool shade and controlled flash (I didn't think about it, but the whole round wall really works well as a reflector / diffuser).

 Here I was glad I had the 17-50 lens, though most of the work was in the 35 to 50 range.

Blah blah. Light, focal length. You're not really reading this, right?

The harsh light from the sunset made some interesting stuff with the tree and walls of the room, but was fairly hard to work with...

Back to the soft, controlled light of bounce and flash.

Thanks a lot to all the people involved in this shoot. I hope to meet again soon... and again, don't worry, your pictures are coming in the next batch...

Thanks to Eden, of course, and Kochi for the Makeup work.

For a few more images on facebook go here.

Comments Complaints and Condiments are welcome as always...

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