Saturday, September 22, 2012

BTS: Photo Shoot

In the third and last post about the photoshoot I went to a few weeks ago, I wanted to show a little bit of the "behind the scenes" of the event.

I always liked taking pictures of people taking pictures. Not surprising, when you have eight photographers and about the same amount of models, that even without trying too hard you get a lot of pictures of the photographers at work...

I tried to show both the look and feel of the day, and some of the process of the post production, giving a few images as they came out of camera.

If you missed last week's blog post or the one before it, here are the links.

Some shots of the preparations:

Eti Hazan applying makeup to model Meital Kochavi
Kochi Yehezkeli applying makeup to model Clil Ron

So three makeup artists started the day off at 15:00, taking around an hour before everyone was done. Accessories and clothes were brought from home. The light outside when we started was still pretty harsh so we did most of everything in the shade of the monuments.

Monuments on top of the hill at Edith Wolfson park in Ramat Gan.
Model: Nava Tsach, Makeup: Galit Shmuel Bagim

Model: Meital Kochavi. Makeup: Eti Hazan. Notice the inconsistency?

As I discussed in the last post, the inside of this hemisphere monument had perfect combination of ambient light, shade and bounce. It also had a great prop: this olive tree. Below is an unprocessed image. My hard-working SB700 is in the background...

And below the resulting, processed, image:

Model: Efrat Malachi. Makeup: Eti Hazan

Outside the monument, standing our model in the shade and shooting her with a blown out background of a wall in direct sunlight:

Unprocessed image
Image after editing. Model: Eden Bartov. Makeup: Kochi Yehezkeli

Notice Mr. Perv on the chair:

As time got late the light improved somewhat, and we got down to the lake to take some sunset pictures.

Eti Hazan as makeup and umbrella holding. 

Model: Anat Yom-Tov. Makeup: Galit Shmuel Bagim.

Model: Clil Ron. Makeup: Kochi Yehezkeli. Notice Mr. Perv at top right. 

As you can see below, each photographer had his own methods for carrying around lighting / diffusers. In these images the park is already getting partially shaded, allowing more control over the light.

Below is the processed image...

Models: Meital Kochavi. Makeup: Eti Hazan.
Model: Clil Ron. Makeup: Kochi Yehezkeli.
Model: Dana Fadlon. Makeup: Eti Hazan.

Once more, thanks to all who participated.

More images from the shoot can be found here.


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