Friday, December 14, 2012


Last week I went with a friend to visit a dog shelter, and take some photos for their website which might help them find new owners for some of the dogs.

I spent the morning running ahead of the dogs that the volunteers took out for a stroll,  trying to take wide angle shots from eye level (and sometimes below that) to get both the epic look, and get good shots of the sky (which was very good that day). Besides that I took a lot of shots up close with the 17mm end of the lens, to get the perspective for big heads and eyes filling the frame.

Although I sent them the pictures in color, and with substantially less dramatic air to them, I liked the way this edit worked for some of the more epic dog pictures.

I will link to their website with the color photos, but for now here is a sample in B&W:

The inside of the pound. The light was fairly dramatic, but really its not quite that grim...


end of the world kinda place
Below are a couple of photos from the bunch I took inside the pound. Getting some heartbreaking shots of these guys was almost too easy. 

 To be honest, it's not just the heartbreaking photos... it really is heartbreaking. These dogs are friendly, and affectionate, and they have so much love to give, despite the fact that a lot of them come from places where the people around them didn't treat them well at all. Still, these guys look up to us to take care of them and give em back some love.

 here's a link to their page on facebook. just sayin'


  1. תמונות מעלפות, מלאות רגש ונשמה-ראיתי בפייסבוק ובאתי לפרגן.
    סחתיין עליך!

  2. תודה!

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