Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Chocolate Shop

This week I have the last project I did for 2012, photographing a candy shop in Ramat Gan. The interior design is due to the talented Adi Erlich, and you can find these images as well as a few others on her website.

This was a rather small room so I had to work wide. Also, a couple of the images are actually panoramas (one of them is easy to detect, the other a bit more subtle). Besides, a few shots of the very artistic chocolates and a bit on how they were made, after the jump...

Since I was taking pictures for Adi and she wanted mainly the design itself to show on her site, I started with the wide angles and tried to get good views of the room and the furniture. The lighting was already setup to compliment the chocolate laden shelves, so all I needed was a little flash for the dark corners and maybe one for emphasis on the table.

spot the spotlight...

Below is a ten image panorama that nearly gave my computer a stroke. Next time I will resize before I assemble in photoshop. Apparently my machine has a hard time with 4.5 Gb sized files. 

As you can see, this takes in 180 degrees, with opposite walls included. This was the first thing I wanted to get as it shows the entire room with all the different furniture and shelves and lighting fixtures, and how they all come together. I don't think there are any wide angle lenses that can do that for you.

I tried to get my two lights to work with the ambient, and still blast the walls into uniform white. Also I wanted all the details on the shelf to really shine, and I particularly wanted the reflections in the window to distract the eye from the exterior. This wasn't really successful, but the differences in color are enough to separate the shop from the outside.

After I was done with the room shots I swapped lenses and moved to do detail work. In my opinion, this is the real interest inside a chocolate shop... however, this wasn't the subject of this assignment! Obviously a few of these got into the website as well. Detail shots are always good for atmosphere.

Below are a few shots of the woman making these delights:

You can figure out the differences in lighting and exposure all by yourselves.

Some detail shots of the chocolate making process. Did I mention this job included snacking on perlins till we got sick?

Once more:


This was quite a fun job, I must say.

As 2013 enters I am looking for new ideas for photography. Granted I might by busy with actual real life work but if you want to interest me with (potentially yummy) photo assignments: now is the time.

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