Monday, December 3, 2012

Recent Work: November

This week I have decided to get back to basics, meaning the original reason I opened this blog: to share recent work. Although I haven't got a real theme like most of the post until now, some common threads may be found in the pictures to follow (hint: its cats).

Also, I have moved my camera to a new shoulder bag, this time one that doesn't look like a camera bag (i.e. not Lowe Pro) which makes it much less conspicuous when shooting on the street.

The idea is to be able to draw quickly but not look like I was there to spy on anyone. This works a lot better with a small 50mm prime but if I am quick enough, I can get away with larger lenses as well (large lens = longer focal length. Sometimes).

So most of these were taken either in the Weizmann institute or on the way to it.

This one was taken from the back seat of a motorcycle driving in Tel Aviv:


This one was almost too dark to take, but I liked the way the lantern lit him up from beneath:

And finally, a bonus: If you have been following the facebook page you may have already seen this:


  1. Hi J,
    what bag did you get?
    i'm now also looking for a good camera bag that doesn't shout "canon inside", so i can go to work with my camera minus the staring of people...

    BTW, great blog!

    1. Actually I made it myself... it isn't very pretty but it fits my camera+flash when needed and I built into it some neat stuff especially for my needs.
      But if you don't want to waste your weekend sowing you should consider either the fancy "made to be a camera bag but look like a casual bag" type bags (which are expensive designer things you can find online pretty easily) OR just buy any old shoulderbag and maybe add some padding inside. I know that Deal Extreme has a new product that is just some stiff padding you can put inside any bag and it protects you camera.

      me personally don't really believe in padded bags... I just try not to bang it around too much, but cameras are pretty tough, I think they can survive everyday life even without too much protection.

      I might blog some pictures of my "custom made" bag next week...

  2. Link to the inner padding bag: