Sunday, June 9, 2013

NYC: Staten Island Ferry + bonus

My last day in New York was a long one indeed. The first thing on my plan for the day was the Staten Island ferry. The ride takes about an hour, passes next to the Statue of Liberty (which was obviously on my todo list) and best of all: it is free-no-charge.

So I wanted to have some sort of chance to take the shuttle before it got crowded, so I got there pretty early. It was still pretty much full. I also discovered that you need to wait around an hour for the ferry on the way back. While there, I started to notice something weird was going on that day... but more on that later...

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So here I was, at seven am at the entrance to the Staten Island ferry building.

Here is one of many photos of the Statue of Liberty taken passing by it on the shuttle. No, I didn't actually land on the island where it stands, as it was under renovation. Also, I assume it was more expensive than this ferry ride. Which was free.

Random Korean girls on the same tourist route as me.

So, it seems most of the people on the ferry actually need to go to work or something, and didn't just come along to see Lady Liberty.

Manhattan in the distance. Morning mists. It seemed like it would be a sunny day after all.

On the shuttle back, after an hour waiting for it on Staten Island.

So I started noticing a lot of people with flags and stuff...

 Toy boat on the way back to Manhattan.

Ok so maybe there were a few other tourists on board besides me.

The financial district. Actually the whole area of the stock exchange and Battery Park were on my todo list for that day. 

Hmmm, more people with red, blue and white flags. Is that the Peurto Rico flag...?

On my way to Battery Park. This shot just presented itself. Good thing I was ready with a zoom lens.

A marina up at the northern part of Battery Park. I then moved back east and back south again to the financial district.

This is what happens when panoramas go wild:

Just some shots of the area around wall street. 

The new York stock exchange. On a Sunday. Nice day to take pictures, I guess. The whole thing is really not so big as you'd think.

And yeah, there was a bonus to this day. As it turns out I just happened to be in the city for the Peurto Rico day parade. Something like this happened to some friends of mine a few years ago, and I was really anxious not to get caught up in traffic, as I was flying out that afternoon...

The real fun part about parades is the crowds, and since it is ok for me to be photographing in general, I looked a lot less creepy taking people's picture on the street.

 As a final stop before heading back to get my stuff and catch my flight, I stopped by Bryant park and New York's public library.

You can check out some more images on my facebook page.

Finally, another photo from the subway on the way back to my hotel.

So, after quite an intensive photo tour of Manhattan, I got to ride the subway, have a New York hotdog (with sauerkraut), visit Brooklyn Bridge (twice), see central park, statue of liberty, Grand Central station, Rockefeller center, saw Joe McNally at adorama, ate a bagel with cream cheese, couchsurfed, went to Wall street, and took countless photos of buildings and of people on the street. And I went to the parade.

I didn't go up on the Empire State building though. Luckily, I would come back to New York only two weeks later...

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