Saturday, June 8, 2013

NYC: Across the Water

The third day of my NYC trip started with surprisingly good weather. I was still riding the jetlag, getting up at 5:00 in the morning (which felt more like noon because of the time differences). This, of course, is photography magic-hour. The streets are empty, the temperatures are still cool, and most importantly, the light is amazing.

I decided to head off by foot from my hostel in Bowery to the Manhattan bridge. I thought I could make a short trip in Brooklyn (the park near the bridge) and if weather wasn't good move on to the neighborhoods instead of landscapes.

Turns out the weather cleared up, and I had the time to see Brooklyn bridge park, and walk back again into Manhattan before 9:00.

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First off some street shots from early morning Bowery street.


...and another two taken from Manhattan bridge:

Now some views from Manhattan bridge,which is less tourist friendly on its own, but offers good views of the older and more iconic Brooklyn bridge.

panorama. click to see more details.

This was my first and last visit to Brooklyn. It had to be short, because when I realized the weather would be good I decided to shift my attention to better known sites back in Manhattan.

I did make a tour of the Brooklyn bridge park, which is a great place to get views of the Manhattan skyline. The early morning light also helped.

180 degree panorama using my ultrawide

The park has nice views south towards the statue of liberty. Another panorama, this time with my zoom lens:

panorama, this time with the zoom lens

Another shot of lower Manhattan:

After a while the light was getting less exciting and I still had much to do in the city. So I made it back onto Brooklyn bridge for some more image (with my new lenses) and to get on with other subjects I wanted to see (yes, I have more posts coming about the same day, that's what you get when you start taking pictures at five am).

Second time around on the bridge, and I already know what kinds of shots I wanted to take...

going a little crazy with the wide angle

playing around with the zoom lens (240 mm)
...and finally, another shot of the bridge. Now I feel like I have enough images of it and can move on with my life!

For more images (yes there's even more) go to the facebook page...

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Brooklyn Bridge | Grand Central | Across the Water | Downtown Union Square | 

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