Friday, June 21, 2013

NYC: Empire State Building

After my stay at Columbus Ohio, I came back through New York on my way home. So I had the chance to see a few more landmarks, and with the sunny weather expected for the weekend I thought now would be a good time to visit the Empire State Building.

I started the day fairly early and got lots of great shots of the city from above. Then I moved on for another visit to Times Square (in daytime) and did some more street photography downtown.

Friday morning had another surprise for me at times square, but more on that later.

So, enjoy the view.

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Top of the world. Needless to say the view from the top of the Empire State building is quite stunning.

Besides the obvious panoramas I played a little with the telephoto lens as well.

Here are some more creative perspectives using a wide angle:

Ah the New York rush hour. So glad to be far above it. Also, the empty lot from "The Dark Tower". 

As always, I find myself taking pictures of people taking pictures. Next time in the city, I'll carry just a phone camera. It may be easier on my back. 

The Chrysler building in late morning sunlight. 


Last look before taking the elevator back down. 

...and the view from below. This time I had put the wide angle to good use. They say converging lines are not good for architecture photography. I think converging lines are all you see in downtown Manhattan. I say, we should celebrate them. 

After that I moved on to Times Square, not neglecting to take any interesting street shot that came across my way. 

"Like a Boss"
Visiting the Toys R Us store in Times Square. I had sunny weather and some more time to explore than the first time around.

It turns out there was a public Yoga class in the middle of the street that day. Obviously another great photo opportunity, as the swarms of photographers clearly indicated. 

More subway shots!

I was also aware that the New York subway was stage for many musicians and performers. This guy was particularly colorful. 

Some downtown shots. This was Hall of Justice or something. 

This shot I am particularly happy with. I was just walking around and it suddenly hit me. The hot-dog vendor next to this great monument to justice. The classical Greek architecture with the little red and yellow stand right below it. It seemed to me so... American. 

I quickly crossed the street and got the frame fairly tight with the wide angle, and, realizing I couldn't get a shot without people walking through, just snapped four or five frames which I later merged to get rid of all passer-by's. 

Converging lines... 

I had to go look for a hostel that night, as my warehouse hostel in Bowery was full. I ended up just out of Manhattan, on the first stop of the subway into Queens, at the Q4 hotel. It wasn't any more expensive than the places in the city, and was just opened last year so it had all new facilities and a young staff. Tired though I was, I still went out to get some night shots from outside the hotel and on the Ed Koch Queensboro bridge. 

This is from the subway overpass, with the full moon just rising. 

This is from the bridge itself, sitting with tripod on the side of the highway. 

The whole US adventure was coming to an end. Next week, the last part of my visit. 

For a whole bunch more images of Manhattan from above, of people watching Manhattan from above, of people doing street Yoga in the middle of Time Square (and people watching people doing street Yoga in the middle of Times Square) go to my facebook page... 

Take Subway to:
Central Park | Statue of Liberty | Empire State Building | Coney Island Mermaids

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