Monday, June 10, 2013

Ohio State

So, here's the real object of my trip. Ohio State University at Columbus Ohio.
I came here for two weeks for a collaboration meeting and some one-on-one time with the students here. So, yeah, I was doing physics for two weeks, and only a little partying photography on the side.

Although I did compress a lot of time spent and a couple of things outside of school that I got to photograph. All that and more, after the jump.

This is the physics research building. I should have taken some shots of the outside, too, but I was too lazy.
On the inside it is forward-backward symmetric (CPT symmetry?) which means I always got lost between the labs and the offices side.

So this is what a physics collaboration meeting looks like. My little laptop (which I carried around for four days in NYC and was so happy it was just 12").

Sudo make me a sandwich

Typical street view next to the campus. It was rather empty (in June most students are absent for the summer).

Buffalo wings and blond college students. America. 

Some pictures from a local farmer's market on a Saturday. Thanks to Carl and Jenny for taking us to see stuff over the weekend.
Farmer's daughter (?) at the farmer's market...

I had, at least, the common sense to close the shutter all the way for this shot. When you can't beat it (the direct sunlight), use it:

That is, in fact, a washing tub and a string. 


So Jonathan and I went to do our laundry at the local "Dry cleaning, coin laundry and pub". Apparently these were pretty common in Columbus but most of them became an attraction for less-than-lawful citizens. Wonder why...

Drink the spin cycle away.

Thanks to Eugene for taking us to Jeni's ice cream...

And the butterfly exhibition. Not much to say here, except that I should have brought my macro lens. The new 55-300 zoom was good enough, I guess, but you really learn to appreciate the qualities of fast glass when you take the wrong lens out.

Some more shots of the town. This one is from the woods next to the Olentangy river

And a night shot of the hotel. The University Plaza Hotel, which seemed to me like a five star hotel after the slum I had slept in at NYC...

Oh yeah, I had to take a picture of this:

Whats wrong with this picture?
And finally, a bonus. A big thanks to Amy for getting us tickets to a local baseball game. It was minor leagues. Or something.

This game involves quite a bit of standing around.

Watch the crowd...

Thanks to everyone who hosted me so nicely on my two weeks at Columbus. It was a great experience.

For some more images see the facebook page...

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