Saturday, June 22, 2013

NYC: Coney Island Mermaids

Finally the moment has come: the last post on my visit to New York... after three months of editing a trip of two and a half weeks.

All in all a good statistic.

So my last day in the city I made a trip down to Coney Island, where there is an amusement park and also a yearly parade.

Even though a lot of the participants were indeed dressed as mermaids, there were quite a lot of random costumes as well.

So... as commonly happens in any trip where memory cards are filled and formatted again, I had lost 80% of the pictures from this day due to a copying mishap. But some of the images were still on the memory card (yes you can recover formatted cards) and a few were on my laptop (also formatted since). A lesson learned about checking the picture numbers of each folder before deleting anything... and back to the parade...

Take Subway to:
Central ParkStatue of Liberty | Empire State Building | Coney Island Mermaids

So, mermaids...

Also, quite a few monsters.

and mer-dudes.

A half naked unicorn. Really! look:

This picture only survived in JPG format (sigh) but every trip has its losses I say. I just call it my sacrifice to the gods of one-sock-lost-in-the-dryer. Here is another which got recovered kinda funky:

Some more images:

This guy is dressed in NYC metro passes. In the background: naked cowgirl.

Also the crowds at these events are always interesting.

Look: its a transformer!

This is one of my favorite costume: a vampire mermaid. Or maybe a mermaid from some of the original mermaid myths where they're really scary.

And here is the view from the train back to the city... The aberrations are do to the train window.

So, not much to say about such a photographically packed trip. With several hundred good images from a net of seven days in New York (not forgetting almost two weeks in Columbus Ohio), I would say it was quite satisfactory. I hope you enjoyed it (and not got completely tired with it).

Here's a link to some more images, as usual, on the wretched media channel called facebook.

and one more unrelated shot from the airport on the way back:

Next week we will come back with a collaboration fashion shoot...

Take Subway to:
Central Park | Statue of Liberty | Empire State Building | Coney Island Mermaids

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