Friday, June 7, 2013

NYC: Grand Central

The first thing you notice when going into New York's Grand Central station is how enormous it all is. Enormous and actually a lot darker than you'd think. I had no tripod. I had been unprepared.

I actually had really high expectations from this location. Like Times Square, I thought I would manage to get something different from what is probably one of the most iconic photo spots in the universe.

I didn't have a tripod and I didn't have enough time to make something outstanding, but that just leaves me wanting to come back for another go. I still got some nice, decent shots out of what was starting out as a fairly bad day for photography.

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So my second day in NYC started with rain, the same rain that had only drizzled lightly yesterday, and became more of a shower as the day went on. It wasn't expected to end until the Saturday (and even that was uncertain). It seemed like my photo tour was coming to a close.

Then I decided to hit the indoor photo locations. Of which the crown jewel is Grand Central.

I had wanted to take pictures there for  few years now. It is huge, it is interestingly built, and it's full of people of all sorts going by. And I had a super wide angle lens to try and face the colossus. The above 18 picture panorama above gives a sense of the scale of this place...

I did have a hard time with the dim lighting. I expected a little more light to pour through into such  large building. Maybe it was the overcast outside that killed most of the light. I should have gotten a tripod.

The slow shutter speeds did give some interesting results, though.

It's easy to forget that this massive complex is basically a railway station. The actual terminals have a very different feel than the main concourse and the halls attached to it:

Some more wide angle shots:

The somewhat unoriginal train station scene. I know its not the most original work in the world. But I like it... (I used the railing of the balcony to stabilize my camera for a set of long exposures)

To sum it up: awesome photo location... and I will be back someday... with a tripod (and hopefully some new ideas!)

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